Ask Yourself

Ask yourself following questions:

  • Am I doing Right and Enough for my child?
  • Am I sure that my child is getting the right education and the development needed at this age?
  • Is he going to succeed in life? What is important – capability or success?
  • Have I ever assessed my child on the real tests in Academics or Personality?
  • Or, have I always been relying on what the report card has to say about my child?
  • Will my child be ready to face the toughest and competitive world in a few years?
  • Will he be able to fulfill my dream?
  • Does he have a dream? Can he grow to become more capable and successful than me?
  • Wouldn’t I like my child is tested for Academic Readiness and Personality?

Swear and admit if you have ever been satisfied with the learning provided to your child so far.

Despite all the efforts that you have made, is your child:

  • A slow learner?
  • Does silly mistakes?
  • Can’t retain what has been taught?
  • Closed to the realities of life?
  • Can’t apply the knowledge to different problems?
  • Behaves strangely when shown results?
  • Shy to ask questions?
  • Lacks confidence to answer?

We are Bold, Courageous and Complete, because:

  • We have a great faculty comprising of IIT, CA, MBA and Postgraduates.
  • We are committed through carefully planned study schedule, coaching methodology, monitoring and mentoring at every step of the Academic and Creative Learning journey.
  • We internally assess the student and act directly on the causes, guiding the child continuously.
  • We create a Winner through teaching how to Set Goals, Become Disciplined and Stay motivated

We are effective Teachers and Coaches, because we are:

  • Student friendly –at ease with and enjoy one-to-one interaction.
  • Empathetic & respectful – Sensitive to all aspects & complexities of student’s life.
  • Collaborative –build a rapport & sustain ongoing relationships
  • Willing – to help
  • Self-managed, open-minded & responsible

We create benchmarks and progress curves to evoke meaningful insights of where and what is there in the environment (home, school, friends, relatives) that helps or hinders the development of a student’s readiness for a capable and a successful life.