Our Team

At Spectrum, the core Teaching and Mentoring team possesses the following qualities and values they believe in to benefit students and aspirants:

  • Highly educated faculty / teachers comprising of IIT, MBAs, CAs, M.Com., B.Com.(H), Bachelor in Fine Arts from DU etc.
  • Management team and the founders are teachers themselves and believe in coaching and mentoring students through face to face lectures and classes
  • The teachers are selected through a careful scrutiny of their academic and experience records at the first level.
  • The second level screening is done through sample lectures delivered to the selection committee, for an assessment of the knowledge, style, grasp and ability to handle all types of scenarios and complexity of questions.
  • At the third level, reference checks are performed to ensure credibility of character and values noticed.

The teachers are provided orientation to maintain the required quality of sessions / lectures by maintaining and enforcing the values of “We Care” and “Total Integrity” and an attitude of “Meticulous Discipline and Punctuality”.