How Spectrum Academy is different from other institutes in Gurgaon ?


In this post I am going to try to differentiate between Spectrum Academy’s methodology and how it is better than the competition.


1. Practical knowledge

— Problem

Present education system is lacking, everyone’s well aware about this fact. It’s based on the theoretical understanding rather than practical knowledge.


Whereas we focus on practical knowledge which helps students to relate their concepts and study terminology to real life situations, helping them to understand things clearly.

2. We believe in Quality not quantity


A lot of syllabus to be covered in relatively small interval of time. schools generally focus on amount of syllabus they have covered rather than focusing on understanding of syllabus.


Our chief motive is to provide quality to students, which is lacking in our education system because. Once students understand the concepts well, he can apply the new found knowledge to his advantage in solving academic as well as general problems. Good marks is just the byproduct then.

3. We Understand student behavior well


Teaching at schools and other institutes follows “One Size Fits All” approach, which is anything but true.


We try to examine our student on following parameters

  • Personality
  • Mindset
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • General Understanding

…to name a few.

We switch our methods according to student’s comfort level so that we can communicate our message more effectively. With the passage of time students get familiar with the method and starts liking studies. Now he/she is in the position to learn quickly and hence performs well.


…To Be Continued